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debi derryberry


Debi Derryberry, is best known for voicing Jimmy Neutron in the Academy Award-nominated film Jimmy Neutron-Boy Genius. She also stars in Adult Swim’s Tigtone as the voice of Helpy.

In Netflix’s Emmy Nominated F is For Family Debi voices Maureen, Philip, Bridget, Scott, Nurse and Kenny.


Raised in Indio, CA, she graduated UCLA as a pre-med student. After 3 years in Nashville as a country music singer/writer, she returned to Los Angeles to launch her voice-over career. Debi has written and recorded 3 award-winning pre-school music albums. Her song “Baby Banana” hit #1 on Sirius/XM Kid.


Voted LA’s #1 Voice-over coach by Backstage West,  Debi has also written the popular “Voice-Over 101: How to Succeed as a Voice Actor”


After almost 30 years and nearly 300 Imdb credits, Debi is one of Hollywood’s most active and sought-after voice-over artists.

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